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[texts]32X Technical Information Attachment 1 (1994)(Sega)
32X Technical Information Attachment 1 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: mov; reset; interrupt; nop; vres; sega; corrective; level; confidential; lea; confidential property; tech info; info attachment; vres interrupt; usage procedure; rte nop; mega drive; levels level; initial program; corrective measure
Downloads: 33
[texts]32X Sample Disk (1994)(Sega)
32X Sample Disk (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sega; wav; file; assembler; files; sample; cartridge; bug; confidential; contents
Downloads: 33
[texts]Cyber Brawl (1995)(SEGA)(JP)
Cyber Brawl (1995)(SEGA)(JP)
Keywords: zfrc; immm; tarn; tesj; fka; sfthtffl; hmwsh; humms; fiejmssffi; ias
Downloads: 46
[texts]Sega 32X (1994)(Sega)(US)
Sega 32X (1994)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: genesis; sega; cable; cartridge; model; cdx; jack; stereo; plug; connect; genesis model; genesis cdx; original genesis; electromagnetic shield; power button; connector cable; cartridge slot; genesis power; conversion cable; shield plate
Downloads: 37
[texts]NFL Quarterback Club (1995)(Acclaim)(JP)
NFL Quarterback Club (1995)(Acclaim)(JP)
Keywords: pause; nfl; tyesj; tor; sto
Downloads: 46
[texts]36 Great Holes starring Fred Couples (1994)(Sega)(JP)
36 Great Holes starring Fred Couples (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: starring; presents; golf; magazine; couples; fred; holes; tioles; player; grid; magazine presents; golf magazine; starring fred; fred couples
Downloads: 30
[texts]32X Hardware Information (1994)(Sega)
32X Hardware Information (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: board; vdp; clock; mhz; frame; sega; pin; confidential; buffer; ver; vdp board; main board; frame buffer; wait count; prope fsega
Downloads: 41
[texts]32X Development Equipment and Materials Menu (1994)(Sega)
32X Development Equipment and Materials Menu (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: cable; rom; pin; adapter; cpu; conversion; sega; mbit; connector; interface; interface board; cable conversion; relay cable; pin rom; memory unit; confidential property; wire cable; rom conversion; development equipment; conversion connector
Downloads: 71
[texts]Tone Editor 32X v1.00 (1994)(Sega)
Tone Editor 32X v1.00 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sega; sound; tone; data; pcm; editor; midi; timbre; ccco; pwm; tone editor; preliminary version; version property; timbre data; sound sources; sampling data; sound source; table envelope; data file; velocity table
Downloads: 29
[texts]Virtua Fighter (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Virtua Fighter (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: ranking; profile; tti; kungfu; arcade; hobby
Downloads: 38
[texts]Virtua Racing Deluxe (1994)(Sega)(US)
Virtua Racing Deluxe (1994)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: press; button; select; lap; screen; race; mode; virtua; fastest; press button; course select; select screen; virtua racing; screen appears; lap time; instant replay; time attack; result screen; control pad
Downloads: 28
[texts]Doom (1994)(Sega)(US)
Doom (1994)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: button; ond; vou; sega; automap; doom; press; ore; weapons; hold button; press button; power switch; automap controls
Downloads: 28
[texts]Shadow Squadron (1995)(Sega)(US)
Shadow Squadron (1995)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: sega; button; press; feather; pregame; ship; cartridge; shield; enemy; warranty; pregame selections; selection arrow; screen messages; power switch; spectral shield; skips screen; limited warranty; control pad; shadow squadron; service department
Downloads: 29
[texts]Sangokushi IV (1995)(Koei)(JP)[map]
Sangokushi IV (1995)(Koei)(JP)[map]
Downloads: 15
[texts]Parasquad (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Parasquad (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: ffl; tautoj; rsoundj; tnormau; soiindse; ftffliiiiicfcfd; bywm; texitj; fhardj; roptionj
Downloads: 35
[texts]Star Trek - Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (1994)(Interplay)(US)
Star Trek - Starfleet Academy - Starship Bridge Simulator (1994)(Interplay)(US)
Keywords: rhc; ihc; ship; rhe; player; bridge; shields; simulator; sensor; start button; directional pad
Downloads: 43
[texts]Chaotix featuring Knuckles the Echidna (1995)(Sega)(US)
Chaotix featuring Knuckles the Echidna (1995)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: press; button; sega; partner; knuckles; rings; select; warranty; game; character; press button; press start; release button; practice demo; special stage; combi catcher; short period; power switch; limited warranty; special moves
Downloads: 39
[texts]Metal Head (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Metal Head (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: bgm; pcm; pwm; armored; bipedal; terrorists; test; armed
Downloads: 37
[texts]MIDI Converter v1.30 (1994)(Sega)
MIDI Converter v1.30 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: midi; sega; converter; sbn; data; preliminary; sound; sxx; tone; track; midi converter; version property; standard midi; preliminary version; tone editor; sound source; midi file; high nibble; control change; system exclusive
Downloads: 38
[texts]After Burner Complete (1994)(Sega)(JP)
After Burner Complete (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: onlyj; pad; ijttf; nuej; arabbramtiself; treversej; sjslai; sssli; hbsb; ffl
Downloads: 40
[texts]32X Hardware Manual Supplement 2 (1994)(Sega)
32X Hardware Manual Supplement 2 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: interrupt; command; mov; cycle; sega; rte; synchronous; ldc; peripheral; interrupt clear; internal peripheral; confidential property; pipeline operation; synchronous command; hardware manual; manual supplement; frame buffer; external interrupt; system reserve
Downloads: 38
[texts]Star Wars Arcade (1994)(Sega)(US)
Star Wars Arcade (1994)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: sega; publishing; rights; bantha; warranty; cartridge; administered; genesis; combat; starfighter; rights administered; bantha music; sega genesis; limited warranty; proton torpedoes; service department; sega consumer; laser cannons; consumer service; options menu
Downloads: 39
[texts]Genesis Super 32X System Overview and Hardware Reference (1994)(Sega)
Genesis Super 32X System Overview and Hardware Reference (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sega; data; confidential; vdp; interrupt; pwm; hardware; dll; property; rom; frame buffer; confidential property; manual confidential; image data; interrupt clear; vclk wait; hardware manual; confidential pro; word word; width register
Downloads: 100
[texts]IC BD 16M 42PIN x 4 EPROM 32X RD Users Manual (1994)(Sega)
IC BD 16M 42PIN x 4 EPROM 32X RD Users Manual (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: bank; eprom; mbit; sega; rom; bni; backup; mode; confidential; confidential property; backup ram; bank numbers; manual confidential; accommodates bank; mbit type; mbit rom; cartridge area; type eprom; rom mode
Downloads: 45
[texts]Star Wars Arcade (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Star Wars Arcade (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: publishing; bantha; righls; corp; administered; music; rights; tamerlane; warner; rignis; bantha music; publishing corp
Downloads: 55
[texts]IC BD 4M 32PIN x 8 EPROM 32X RD Users Manual (1994)(Sega)
IC BD 4M 32PIN x 8 EPROM 32X RD Users Manual (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: bank; eprom; mbit; sega; ram; rom; backup; confidential; area; confidential property; backup ram; mbit rom; sram card; manual confidential; bank numbers; cartridge area; bank setting
Downloads: 44
[texts]Stellar Assault (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Stellar Assault (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: istellar; cannonj; assaultr; stellar; frtz; mode; heihs; mszt; clir; tiff
Downloads: 41
[texts]Sangokushi IV (1995)(Koei)(JP)
Sangokushi IV (1995)(Koei)(JP)
Keywords: mil; sto; iff; lis; tto; sttaws; asft; sft; tfl; mti
Downloads: 26
[texts]Space Harrier (1994)(Sega)(US)
Space Harrier (1994)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: sega; cartridge; harri; warranty; press; button; genesis; game; screen; tlie; title screen; press start; power switch; scores list; press button; service department; sega genesis; sega consumer; ranking list; limited warranty
Downloads: 32
[texts]Space Harrier (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Space Harrier (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: ooooooooo; vicel; pii; absymbel; tmse; amar; olisis; revi; fgbw; srasawrbliseif
Downloads: 43
[texts]Mortal Kombat II (1994)(Acclaim)(JP)
Mortal Kombat II (1994)(Acclaim)(JP)
Keywords: kombat; sffijt; moratl; acclaim
Downloads: 40
[texts]Tempo (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Tempo (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: tempo; performance; haracter; stage; grooue; itm; kfltsi; itf; vwt; loie
Downloads: 45
[texts]Chaotix featuring Knuckles the Echidna (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Chaotix featuring Knuckles the Echidna (1995)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: echidna; eaturing; knuckles; super; level; armadillo; featuring; vector; crocodile; eaturing knuckles
Downloads: 53
[texts]32X Technical Information (1994)(Sega)
32X Technical Information (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: target; sega; byte; mbit; sound; confidential; ver; accesses; pwm; access; confidential property; target ver; width register; pulse width; technical info; target version; sound source; pwm sound; mega drive; info confidential
Downloads: 55
[texts]WWF RAW (1995)(Acclaim)(JP)
WWF RAW (1995)(Acclaim)(JP)
Keywords: ils
Downloads: 28
[texts]32X Sound Simulator v1.00 (1994)(Sega)
32X Sound Simulator v1.00 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sound; sega; option; file; data; map; simulator; version; menu; block; version property; sound simulator; preliminary version; sound driver; project file; sound editor; preuminary version; auto load; tone editor; sound data
Downloads: 28
[texts]WWF RAW (1995)(Acclaim)(US)
WWF RAW (1995)(Acclaim)(US)
Keywords: opponent; gain; control; ring; acclaim; press; lock; wrestlers; wrestler; tag; gain control; control roll; tag team; atomic drop; trytd gain; eye gouge; control pin; double arm; acclaim software; control eye
Downloads: 30
[texts]32X Sound Tool Package (1994)(Sega)
32X Sound Tool Package (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sega; tool; sound; package; cartdev; preliminary; midi; qsound; scsi; macintosh; sound tool; tool package; preliminary version; package sega; version property; tone editor; required preparations
Downloads: 42
[texts]32X Hardware Manual (1994)(Sega)
32X Hardware Manual (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: interrupt; sega; confidential; mega; access; data; color; vdp; cache; mega drive; confidential property; hardware manual; frame buffer; pulse width; control register; manual confidential; interrupt clear; width register; color palette
Downloads: 64
[texts]PWM Driver v1.06 (1994)(Sega)
PWM Driver v1.06 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: pwm; sega; data; driver; sound; map; waveform; preliminary; timbre; version; pwm driver; preliminary version; version property; sound production; pwm sound; production mode; waveform synthesis; tone editor; timbre number; sound sources
Downloads: 24
[texts]Metal Head (1995)(Sega)(US)
Metal Head (1995)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: button; metal; sega; weapons; head; cartridge; sideways; warranty; press; pad; metal head; move sideways; head metal; control pad; chain gun; change weapons; press start; press button; start button; power switch
Downloads: 35
[texts]32X Hardware Manual Supplement 1 (1994)(Sega)
32X Hardware Manual Supplement 1 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: fifo; vdp; dma; transfer; address; side; data; dreq; dma transfer; written; fifo block; vdp register; communication register; system register
Downloads: 59
[texts]Kolibri (1995)(Sega)(US)
Kolibri (1995)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: hummingbirds; kolibri; sega; hummingbird; button; weapons; cartridge; warranty; published; move kolibri; crystal; press button; power switch; limited warranty; weapons pods; sega genesis; sega consumer; main menu; flight log; energy fields
Downloads: 71
[texts]IC BD 32M SRAM - 256K BUP 32X RD Users Manual (1994)(Sega)
IC BD 32M SRAM - 256K BUP 32X RD Users Manual (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sram; mbit; bank; rom; ram; backup; sega; memory; area; backup ram; confidential property; mbit rom; bank numbers; switch settings; sram card; cartridge area; rom area; bank setting
Downloads: 40
[texts]Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (1995)(Sega)(US)
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (1995)(Sega)(US)
Keywords: stinger; sega; ginglii; cartridge; hive; courier; warranty; ship; button; screen; sega genesis; press button; limited warranty; power switch; service department; sega logo; sega consumer; options screen; mode select; consumer service
Downloads: 39
[texts]Virtua Racing Deluxe (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Virtua Racing Deluxe (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: virtua; ooooooooo; timej; deluxe; cis; players; tgcplayerl; ktime; splayers; jenh
Downloads: 48
[texts]NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1995)(Acclaim)(JP)
NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1995)(Acclaim)(JP)
Keywords: nba; steal; clutch; mode; wham; block
Downloads: 36
[texts]68000 Sound Driver v3.00 (1994)(Sega)
68000 Sound Driver v3.00 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: sound; sega; driver; data; pcm; preliminary; sets; version; volume; source; sound driver; preliminary version; version property; sound source; sound sources; master volume; sound production; pwm sound; data address; work space
Downloads: 39
[texts]Doom (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Doom (1994)(Sega)(JP)
Keywords: ftiiise; sfx; hhse; vvyvrjtimhito; snmm; wmmm; mmiyu; gufp; mmt; mrann
Downloads: 47
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